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ASI, which stands for Advanced Sounds International (and Online obviously because we are online on the WWW!), started some 3 years ago via the platform of Paltalk, an interactive voice and video program. Several of us had been involved with Paltalk Radio and decided that, when that particular aspect of the program went, we would carry on with our broadcasting ambitions by creating a Radio station.

Although the path to the creation of ASI Online has been very filled with frustration and change we believe that what is emerging is an organisation with a solid foundation.

Utilising the Paltalk community we have sought to develop a range of programmes that reflect some of the talents that we have on the program. We have talk show, debates, music of all types, religious programmes, trivia, advice shows, and lots lots more.

We are at this point in time a non-profit organisation, although we cannot rule out the possibility of things changing in the future. All the people working within the core team of ASI Online do so out of a passion and commitment to make a difference 

We are firmly convinced that we are entering a new era in broadcasting, where the utilisation of the Internet will revolutionise the listening experience and allow for very direct interaction between host and audience. Add to this the wonderful opportunity afforded by Paltalk of actually SEEING both host and audience via the exceptional video quality and you have a very different entertainment experience!

So who are the ASI team?    

ALLEN  ...  ( Paltalk name = Allenjo ) Allenjo has been with ASI since the transition from Paltalk Radio days when he was  mainly responsible for the Karaoke shows. Any technical problems, web site and sound issues are usually dealt with by Allenjo. He also takes on responsibility for induction of new programmes.

CASS  … ( Paltalk name = Anna_Karennina_1 ) Cass was the ‘point person’ for Paltalk Radio, and also host and co-host of various radio programmes. As a founder member of ASI  she now takes an overall role for ensuring that all the different aspects of the Station are in place, and for liaising with other Stations and organisations.